Sustainable Development Goals | SDG 5

Gender equality

Achieving gender equality and empowering self-determination for all women and girls

Symrise consciously embraces an HR policy that views diversity in the workplace as a benefit to creativity and integrity. To this end, in 2017, the Executive Board of Symrise articulated a clear commitment to the advancement of diversity (see the diversity statement of the Executive Board). In parallel, by signing the “Women's Empowerment Principles,” we have recognized the principles of equal opportunity for women around the world and established them as a guideline for all our managers worldwide. This is why we have committed to several Group-wide projects that promote diversity. This means that 40 % of the participants in our Future Generation Leadership Development Program must be female. Our objective is to qualify women for management positions. By 2020, we aim to have at least 17 % women at the first global management level directly below the Executive Board, while the second global management level should consist of at least 22 % women. Symrise AG has committed to ensuring that women compose 20 % of the Executive Board by the year 2020. Our annual diversity reporting, which takes into account our large sites and thereby about 80 % of our workforce, documents the progress of our HR diversity policies. According to the latest diversity report, women make up 38.7 % of our workforce today. When it comes to new hires from outside the company, women are well represented with 43 % of total new hires. In our fragrances area, the share of newly employed women is disproportionately high at 52 %.

In many of the countries from which we source our raw materials, women are treated unfairly – and face economic discrimination as well. For this reason, we purposefully promote the education of women and girls, for instance through our initiatives in Madagascar. By offering practical training courses or establishing agricultural schools, the program ultimately helps to promote economic independence.