Sustainable Development Goals | SDG 8

Decent work and economic growth

Promoting permanent, sustainable economic growth across the board, full productive employment and humane work for all

We believe that economic success, sustainability and social acceptance are inextricably linked. Symrise’s corporate strategy is based on the three pillars of growth, efficiency and portfolio. It incorporates aspects of sustainability at all levels in order to enhance the company’s value over the long term and minimize risks. Our integrated corporate strategy is further defined and expanded by goals and measures along the four pillars of our sustainability activities: footprint, innovation, sourcing and care. In this way, we are making sustainability an integral part of our business model and turning it into a clear competitive advantage.

Responsible HR policy is part of our corporate culture. It conveys goals and establishes common values. It also includes further qualification and training for our employees, promoting diversity among the workforce and enhancing the compatibility of professional and private life.

Our Integrated Management System is based on the provisions of the SA 8000 social accountability standard, which is binding throughout the company and derived from the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on Children’s Rights. Humane working conditions, decent employment and due consideration for the social aspects of employment are the foundation for how we act at every site.

We also require our suppliers and business partners to uphold basic human rights. Before a new supplier is accepted as a business partner, it must pledge in writing that it will maintain and comply with the provisions of the Symrise Code of Conduct. The international platform of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) is a valuable tool with which we can more easily assess suppliers and deliver our own data to customers. Since 2006, we have been publishing information on working conditions and employee rights, health and safety as well as on environmental and ethical business practices via this platform. Every Symrise production site has been registered with SEDEX. Since 2012, we have requested that our most important suppliers register with SEDEX and disclose their data there. We carry out audits for suppliers that pose an especially notable risk, that have crucial raw materials or that have had problems flagged in the assessment. Furthermore, our approach to backward integration enables us to exert direct influence on adherence to our principles.