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The Symrise subsidiary at the Indian site in Chennai has been supporting the Government Higher Secondary School Sholinganallur for the past 2 years. Working with United Way Chennai (UWC), an Indian nongovernmental organization and the State government, Symrise has constructed sanitary facilities for the Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (“WASH”) project.

India has a population of 1.3 billion and is still growing – it has one youngest populations in the world. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, Symrise decided to invest in infrastructure and health care for a school close to its office. Symrise began with one of the most important foundations for a healthy school day, choosing to construct the sanitary facilities of the Government Higher Secondary School Sholinganallur as part of the “WASH” project.

The water tank has a


capacity and is easy to clean thanks to its brick and tile construction.

Symrise initially provided funding for building toilets, hand washing stations and sewage systems for approximately 1,600 students. This included 100 modern toilets for the girl students. This was followed by additional toilet facilities for the approximately 50 teaching staff. The existing facilities were upgraded and connected to the school buildings with a new concrete path measuring about 350 meters.

With Symrise’s help, a small library was set up for the school.

Symrise also provided a drinking water facility by installing a reverse osmosis system. The waste water from spillage is used to water all the plants in the school. The company also ensured an adequate supply of clean water with a 14,000-liter water tank, which is easy to clean thanks to its brick and tile construction. After completing the above activities, the office and science laboratory were renovated. New electrical wiring was secured inside the classrooms, and ceiling fans were installed to make hot days a little more bearable. The windows were also repaired in all the classrooms. What at first glance appeared to be nothing more than a decorative measure actually fulfilled a much more important purpose: The school buildings were given several new layers of paint in order to prevent the development of moisture and mold in the classrooms. The special paint used prevents lung issues that could otherwise affect the children.

The existing library was completely overhauled and given a new face lift. Symrise employees were actively involved to ensure intellectual nourishment on a voluntary basis, by regularly collecting books and dropping them off at the library. In terms of learning, the Group also makes a very long-term contribution by participating in the “Endrum Punnagai” (“always laugh”) program, which is designed to boost the self-confidence and social skills of children with problematic family situations. They also offer everyday help when it comes to hygiene, nutrition and health.