Market Presence | 103-1, 103-2, 103-3

Management Approach

To be successful in our business and to recruit employees for our business, we need to be accepted by the respective local societies in which we operate.

We earn our position as a preferred employer through our sustainable human resources policy focused on the employee and our respective local communities. Our policy is to offer local workers attractive training, career and advancement opportunities as well as fair and appropriate remuneration (see 202-1). Our employee engagement survey, which was conducted in 2016, has recently confirmed the relevance that we place on being an attractive employer. Some 90 % of participants in our survey provided feedback that they were at least satisfied, largely even very and extremely satisfied with their work situation. 95 % would reapply at Symrise at any time or recommend Symrise as an employer to others. 81 % identify strongly or very strongly with our company. About 90 % have a high opinion of Symrise’s competitive position and thereby the future viability of their employer.